The Palms Full Flavour line is self-descriptive; a quality tobacco blend that is rich with the flavor that cigarette smokers have grown to enjoy. This unique and robust blend of the world’s finest tobacco is sure to please the daily cigarette smoker. 


Palms Lights are a nice alternative to Palms Full Flavour, they delight smokers who want the taste of a fresh and light cigarette without having to sacrifice the quality and flavor of the Palms blend.  


With their pure and refreshing taste, menthol cigarettes have been a favorite of smokers for decades all over the world. Now you can enjoy rich quality of the Palms blend with a natural, minty flavour.  


PALMS Hookah

Palms E-Hookah, a portable hand-held electronic hookah that lasts up to 800 puffs. Now you can enjoy the taste of The Bahamas in the palm of your hands. This Palms E-Hookah pen has a metal mouthtip just like on a hookah hose and when inhaled gives you tobacco-free, nicotine-free (or with nicotine) vapor. Each Palms E-hookah has a light up “Diamond” tip which glows when the device is in use. No charcoal, no mess. Palms E-Hookah comes in 5 delicious flavors: – Andros Strawberry – Eleuthera Pina Colada – Grand Bahama Citrus Mint – Exuma Watermelon – Abaco Mango